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Carl is just your average guy (with a slightly larger than average nose) who has the dream of starting up a small business. The problem is he doesn’t really understand accounting. In this introductory course to accounting Carl will venture off into the business world. He’ll learn all the accounting he could ever dream of, and then some.

Introductory Accounting Course Outline

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Introduction – Meet the Teacher (optional)

Accounting is ImportantLesson 1 – Introduction to Accounting

  • Why Study Accounting?
  • Myths about Accounting
  • What is a Business Anyway?
  • Meet Carl, Proud Owner of Carl’s Clockworks
  • The Importance of Accounting for Business People

learn about financial statementsLesson 2 – Understanding the Financial Statements

  • Sample Financial Statements
  • Two Criteria for Useful Financial Statements
  • What is GAAP?
  • The Governing Bodies of Accounting

Lesson 3 – What is a Balance Sheet?

  • Understanding the Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet Examples
  • More Balance Sheet Examples

Lesson 4 – Introduction to the Income Statement

  • What is an Income Statement?
  • Carl Creates His First Income Statement

learn how to use accounting softwareLesson 5 – Introduction to the Statement of Cash Flows

  • What is a Statement of Cash Flows?

Lesson 6 – What is a Statement of Retained Earnings?

Lesson 7 – How the Financial Statements Interact

Lesson 8 – Standard Formatting for Financial Statements

Lesson 9 – What is an Accounting System?

  • Debits and Credits (the Rules)
  • Debits and Credits Examples
  • Debits and Credits Continued
  • Accounting Journal Entries
  • What is a General Ledger
  • Trial Balance

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